3Glasses D2 3D Virtual Reality Headset PC Version

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3Glasses D2 3D Virtual Reality Headset PC Version

3Glasses D2 3D VR headset PC version
With touch panel, made it natural to control
Exclusive private 3D theater
Simple operation, you can use it during your travel, leisure and home
Adjustable interpupillary distance
Upgrading image processing technology, bring true color
534PPI anti-blue rays double aspheric lenses
Screen: 2560×1440
Latency: Less than 13ms
FOV: 110 degree
Auto anti-fogging

System requirements: 
CPU: Intel i3-540 or above
Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX660 or above
RAM: 4GB or above
System: Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8 64-bit

Note: Graphics card with HDMI port, computer with USB2.0 port

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